20 nạp lại Cho Điện Hoạt Động Bằng Pin Bút Chì Tẩy Cao Su Bút 5 Màu-quốc tế

  • Màu sắc: Xanh Lá, Hồng, Xanh Dương, Vàng, Tím
  • Kích thước: 25x5mm (LenthxDiameter)
  • Chất liệu: Cao Su
  • Xóa đi những sai lầm một cách dễ dàng với quay hành động.
  • Sử dụng mềm mại trắng tẩy đó xóa tốt và không rách lên giấy.
  • Tác dụng tốt cho người bị hạn chế tay hoặc cánh tay vận động.
  • Nó là rất tiện dụng cho sửa trên giấy.
  • 103.000 ₫
    Erases mistakes easily with a rotating action.
    Uses soft white eraser that erases well and does not tear up paper.
    One-button Operation - Simple push of the button and a light touch are all that's required to remove marks.
    Works well for people with limited hand or arm mobility.
    This electrical eraser is used to amend animation, drawing, etc.. It is easy to use it to erase the homework. It can be used to erase the details in design, office or art design.
    It adopts high-efficiency motors. It can guarantee that the paper will not be damaged at the same time of erasing handwriting.
    The motors is newly designed. The low noise makes your life and working peaceful.
    It would make a great gift for that artist, draftsman, woodworker, repair person, and student among others who would find this invaluable tool useful.
    It is very handy for correction on paper.
    Other uses include cleaning delicate surfaces in place of chemicals, antique restoring of smalls, and light surface abrasion to remove marks with the sand eraser.

    Color: Green, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Purple
    Size: 25x5 mm(LenthxDiameter)
    Material: Rubber

    Electric Battery Operated Pencil Eraser Pen is not included.

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